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“Whatever the husband does, he does not manage to earn”

My husband and I have two daughters: the eldest 15, the youngest 4, she is disabled. Last summer, I was forced to leave my main work in order to deal with her daily (I was a lawyer in the civil service, I couldn’t go to half -time), now I’m trying to learn for a speech therapist. The husband fed the whole family. In September, he lost his job: in the specialty he was an engineer, but for the past ten years he worked as an assistant manager in a private company, then she went bankrupt. The husband had long dreamed of opening his own business. Learned the car appraiser, but after a couple of months they did not need. I learned the door installer – there were no customers, the market was crowded. Organized a construction company – received only four orders. Now he opened a leather workshop, manually sews everything from keykeepers to backpacks, it turns out perfectly. We invested in creating a site, my husband leads pages in social networks, but no orders. I don’t understand what we do wrong, what

is missing or what interferes. What could it be?

Natalya, on the issue of promoting goods, you are still better off contacting the digital marketer-to a specialist who, based on your products, explores the target audience, will formulate a unique trading offer and stitch telling how to promote the store. Today there are a lot of quite working marketing technologies that help develop business.

As for the psychological aspects of the problem, it is important to answer several questions here. The businesses created by your husband were different, but perhaps something united them, was repeated from time to time. At what stage did the failure occur? Does this look like your husband acts in life in general?

Usually our business behavior reflects how we behave in ordinary life. We do the same in personal matters, in terms of attitude to our health or business. It only seems to us that there are no patterns, but you should carefully look at how a specific step -by -step algorithm will be found.

In this situation, I would work with the limiting beliefs that are in your family – with what you generally think about money. Usually, we adopt a certain attitude to finance from parents. “Money is evil”, “you can’t easily catch a fish from the pond”, “Money is given hard work”.

Surn your restrictive beliefs at your leisure: make a list and determine which beliefs prevent you from starting to live in abundance. Put each statement into question and try to paraphrase it. For example: “Money is evil”. How can you work with this conviction? Why this expression arose in general? Why do I choose it? Is there a little good for money due to money? Can I say that money is good? And so on. Create for yourself new beliefs related to money.

Think about this too. What will happen if a “bag of money” suddenly falls on you? Do you have a fear of success and financial well -being? Of course, now this question may seem strange to you, because you definitely have where to spend money. But suppose the deficit is closed, and they all come and come. They must be preserved, increased, not to lose. And this is a huge responsibility. You are ready for her?

A lot of psychological blocks are associated with finances, and it is better to deal with them, setting specific tasks and answering certain questions.

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