Education Support

School supplies are nearly non-existent. Some families share one pencil between several siblings. Classrooms may have one textbook shared between several students.

Sustainable Agriculture

Creating an agricultural and gardening program to improve self-sustaining and commercial farming through kitchen gardening and Introducing drip irrigation, value addition and mixed cropping

Financial Literacy

Teaching basic financial literacy to women and girls. We Offer interest-free, rotational microloans of $2-$10 for village market-sellers to stock additional products and make much more profit

Good Villages School Bag

Our African textile brand school bag is stitched by women in our business mentoring program and we provide basic school supplies in it that kids find very useful

Our Causes

Ongoing Programs

Donations to Good Villages are used for program, operations and material expenses. Consider a multi-year commitment that will help sustain our programs and create opportunities for hundreds of villagers in years to come.


guided by Our four point philosophy

1. Going to where the action is

We are deep in the remote area of Osogo Village in Kanyamkago location, Kenya where almost 70% of women live under $1 a day

2. Listening to the people involved

From our talk, we have learned that these villagers lack the very basics to survive and bring up healthy families.99% of them believe financial literacy, small businesses and sustainable agricultural training will help increase their income

3. Challenging the conventional wisdom

Ordinarily $2 would buy you a cookie or just a cup of coffee. An average person has been made to think that in order to succeed and bring up a stable family and educate children you need about $200 monthly income. No,they have been 200% wrong. That’s why we have proved what $2 loans can help villagers achieve in both family and business.

4. Doing the simple obvious things

To move people out of poverty, just from conversing and listening, there is urgent need for training on financial literacy, business mentorship and supply of basic school items to children. We are doing just that. BASIC.

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