Good Villages Inc

Empowering Women and Girls


Empowering women and girls to rise as leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers within their communities

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Education Can Transform lives


Promoting children with quality education; Writing techniques and Advocate for equal access to education for everyone.

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Promoting quality Education


Quality Education Is a Basic Right Of Every Child. It promotes the well-being of children and enables children to develop and flourish.

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Welcome to Good Villages, an established 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization
headquartered in Oviedo, Florida, with a compelling mission that transcends boundaries and alters
destinies. At our core, we hold an unwavering belief: education stands as the gateway to a brighter
tomorrow. Our dedication is resolute, aimed at providing both economic and educational resources to
uplift the lives of underserved rural communities, with a special focus on Migori County, Kenya.

Our Programs

Academic Excellence Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievements and a strong commitment to their education.

Financial Hardship Scholarships

We provide financial support to students facing significant economic challenges, ensuring that they can continue their education without financial stress

Specialized Fields Scholarships

Good Villages, Inc offers scholarships for students pursuing careers in specialized fields, such as Nursing, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and arts.

Please Help us Change a Child's Life

With an eye towards long-term, sustainable change, we aim to create high-quality, fair opportunities for children to learn and grow.

Donors Note

Funds are directly spent on educating an underpriviliged children's Education. The costs include actual school fees and 10% operational costs.
If you are having difficulties in making your donations at any moment, our assistance staff will be there to help you.
All Tax exemptions, receipts and documents will be provided.
Email for assistance.

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