Good Villages Inc

What We Need

Donor Contributions

We rely on generous donors who believe in the value of education and want to support talented students in their academic pursuits. Donations are crucial to fund these scholarships.

Scholarship Selection Panel

We require dedicated professionals and educators who can serve on our scholarship selection panel to ensure a fair and rigorous selection process.


Experienced individuals willing to mentor scholarship recipients, providing guidance and support throughout their academic journey.

Please Help us Change a Child's Life

With an eye towards long-term, sustainable change, we aim to create high-quality, fair opportunities for children to learn and grow.

Donors Note

Funds are directly spent on educating an underpriviliged children's Education. The costs include actual school fees and 10% operational costs.
If you are having difficulties in making your donations at any moment, our assistance staff will be there to help you.
All Tax exemptions, receipts and documents will be provided.
Email for assistance.

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