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Financial Hardship Scholarships

Resource Partnership

Partnerships with educational institutions and bookstores to provide discounted or free textbooks and supplies to scholarship recipients.

Why We Do It

Financial barriers should never hinder a student's ability to access education. Our Financial Hardship Scholarships aim to alleviate the financial burdens faced by students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, allowing them to pursue their education without stress.

How We Achieve It

Needs Assessment:
We assess the financial needs of applicants through a comprehensive evaluation process, considering factors such as family income, expenses, and other financial responsibilities.
Transparent Criteria:
We establish clear eligibility criteria to ensure that the scholarships are awarded to those who genuinely need financial assistance.
Holistic Support:
In addition to tuition support, we provide resources for essentials like textbooks, school supplies, and, when necessary, housing and meal assistance.
Financial Counseling:
We offer financial literacy and counseling services to scholarship recipients to help them manage their finances effectively.

Please Help us Change a Child's Life

With an eye towards long-term, sustainable change, we aim to create high-quality, fair opportunities for children to learn and grow.

Donors Note

Funds are directly spent on educating an underpriviliged children's Education. The costs include actual school fees and 10% operational costs.
If you are having difficulties in making your donations at any moment, our assistance staff will be there to help you.
All Tax exemptions, receipts and documents will be provided.
Email for assistance.

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