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Dyke Nightlife Diaries: The Trick Lesbian Club In Bogotá’s Gay Superclub

Clare Hand
is a self-described flaming London lesbian. She actually is spent the last year authoring
queer ladies night life
in her urban area. She files the atmosphere, songs, fashions, ambiance (will you get laid or create brand-new mates?), and those behind the nights.

decided so it wouldn’t be right to only record dyke nightlife in one city, so she packed her bags and hit the street. She’s discussed the thriving scenes in
Bay Area
, Bogota, São Paulo, Berlin, and Dublin to date; this record helps to keep growing. Keep an eye on her
Dyke Nightlife Diaries

Evening One

The initial thing I do while I get to a fresh city is actually Google my personal strategy to my personal peeps—”Queer pubs in…,” “Lesbian bars in…,” “Gay bars in… .” Bogotá’s effects happened to be promising, with a lesbian club known as Moza and a handful of homosexual bars—mainly during the town’s brand new bustling cultural hub, Chapinero.

On saturday evening, my girlfriend and I also whizzed anywhere in a little yellow cab to Moza. We pulled upwards, strode out, and found that Moza ended up being no more. It shut down a while ago, described the security safeguard within (hetero) club that appears in aftermath. El Mozo (Moza’s gay bro bar) was just around the corner, so we nipped over here locate this had vanished also.

We decided to recover in a non-gay bar; the location ended up being live with Latin rhythms and passionately Salsa dance (right) couples. Lone dudes, their own breaths nice with aguardiente (Colombia’s national liquor; what tequila would be to Mexico), came in mosquito-like droves, each on a mission to retrieve the unclaimed dames. They were all really courteous and recognized that a no meant no, nevertheless the heteronormative fat within club had been plenty, specially when we would psyched ourselves up for every night of partying with countless Latin-lesbians.

We shortly remaining and moved old school. Flipping on the queer-dar, we mooched around the streets shopping for our peers. It don’t take very long before we stumbled across (everything we chose were) three fellow lezzas. We approached and tentatively enquired about Moza and “bar gay,” while eying up the duration of their particular nails, wishing to perhaps discover a secret lesbian club or something regarding the type.

These were extremely keen on the convo and talked around for some time about the lackluster lesbian scene inside their city. Before long, the dykiest-seeming of our own brand new staff (who would also been the absolute most singing on the topic) remaining to attend a property party. We were kept using the additional two that hasn’t engaged in the gay cam so adamantly but were eager to hold with our team.

‘You wish women?” she questioned enthusiastically.

We mentioned we performed, presuming we had been on a gay-level. Off we hopped in a cab, which whisked all of us away for a great couple of obstructs before winding up at an inconspicuous doorway in the center of nowhere. The two safety protections (which realized our very own chaperones) looked over us with total bemusement. “Qué?” they said repeatedly to your tips guide, as though she had been wanting to just take several wildebeest into the club.

We ascended the mirror-covered staircase presuming we were heading doing a secret queer mecca but quickly realized that individuals’d been taken to a brothel. Naturally there’s nothing wrong with brothels—I’m all for secure spaces for gender employees to complete their own job—however, the ambiance in this place was actually terrible; some appropriate men, egos throbbing while they surveyed the space of half-clothed ladies. Everyone provided united states wondering appearances. They conducted the hope that we were often going to buy or promote sex whenever all we really wanted was to sip a cerveza and party to Sylvester. We left quite quickly, strolled residence and mulled during the impressive breakdown of your big gay evening out for dinner.

Night Two

Let’s take to once again. Theatron, Bogotá’s fourteen-room superclub, is open to all, but it’s a gay dance club (getting accurate, the largest homosexual nightclub in american Hemisphere) at heart. At 10 p.m., we had gotten in the 200-people queue, which wrapped all over place’s underground carpark like an anaconda. A techno bass thumped through the roof, and everybody jittered with pleasure.

When inside, we paid 55,000 pesos ($17) and got a little plastic cup for unlimited beverages all-night. This is one common thing in Colombian organizations, and has now a really positive effect on the environment internally; cash and trade are taken from the room, no one concerns being plunged into an existential situation when examining their particular lender stability another day.

We roamed all over location bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and figured this is not actually a venue. It’s a village which provides haven to many pleasure-seeking men and women weekly. Team orchestrate the room meticulously; herding flocks of people, keeping stairways free and churning out mixer-after-mixer.

You’ll require a week inside place to essentially arrive at grips with-it. Home songs played when you look at the main open-air place. It is designed like an urban area hub, with increased DJ decks at the center and beverage pubs, food shops, and bars on its borders. There are at the least ten DJs each night. They combined many genres in various unique rooms. Reggaeton played in a chapel, play a massive amphitheater. Donna Summers played from inside the psychedelic disco room, Celia Cruz is found on inside salsa suite, and a DJ travelled in from Berlin to take control the techno chamber.

From my findings that evening, it would appear that different genres attract various amounts of heteronormativity. Salsa and reggaeton had been everything about the heteros dry-humping beneath the church’s stained cup house windows. The pop area was actually mainly youthful, jubilant gay dudes flailing their own hands because they drunkenly serenaded their particular friends. Techno did actually attract the quintessential alternate lewks (piercings, died-hair, some fetish gear). It absolutely was by far the most queer area, though ruled by tanked homosexual men which jumped capsules and de-clothed once the evening evolved.

People had been Latin-American; there were a few gringos from local hostels and only a small number of Black people. Overall, there were maybe three other queer femme partners going swimming the location. One duo had corresponding yellow and blue-dyed bobs. Another happened to be a Mexican few I would sat alongside in the airplane to Bogotá— we plainly relocate little groups.

We gravitated to the queerness associated with the techno roo but remaining around midnight to go to (what we should believed had been) the ladies’s commodes: a pink doorway, a security shield out top, as well as the phrase “Eve” created over the doorway.

We figured this is a rather glam entrance to a toilet as we mounted the glittery-pink stair case. When we smack the very top, we realized that this was actually no toilet and we had accidentally found a secret lesbian bar. Indeed, Bogotá’s only lesbian bar—period.

The area had been kitschy: fuchsia pleather sofas, a hot green bar, pop-art paintings of dykons like Ellen, Gwen, Gaga, and Ginger lined the wall space. There clearly was a-pole dance phase (that has been definitely getting utilised), a big dance-floor, plus the just feminine DJ in building.

There have been about thirty folks within. In the beginning all of us danced in a big kumbaya asexual circle, as it had been cool and not clear who was simply queer and who was just enjoying the femme power (in a great way).

Since evening advanced additionally the DJ started flowing more steamy Latin (Reggaeton and dancehall) rhythms around audience, partners started developing kept, appropriate, and center. The room soon evolved into so what can just be called a clothed live-demo associated with A-to-Z of standing up lesbian intercourse roles. Couples brand-new and outdated had been definitely choosing it. It absolutely was natural, hedonistic, Sapphic magic.

Though we were successfully encased in a massive homosexual club, having less home policy, safer area policy, or active prioritization in the site’s main entrance created that the designated area proved a godsend for people lezzas. This key lesbian club was the only real invest the place in which a female could kiss a female without the fear of beginning a watch to a sniveling inebriated guy baring his teeth with glee. We embraced the liberty of Eve, associated with the key lesbian bar.

At the front associated with bar (we would arrive the medial side door) endured a massive metal entrance, 2 yards by 2 yards (6.5 legs by 6.5 feet), with three home ladies saying “unicamente por chicas” on perform. Most started using it and moved on, but little batches of dudes lurked outside the door, lingering for five or ten minutes, looking at their own tip-toes like sexy meerkats, wanting to sneak-a-peak inside forbidden area.

Because time clock hit 3 a.m., we pried ourselves from Eve therefore we could encounter a lot of site. While carrying out the rounds within breathtaking, sprawling village of hedonism, we found Lotus, a “solo hombres” area (apparently designed to create a safer area for homosexual guys to explore away from the blended crowd). Its safe to state, there were no groups of ladies clambering for a peek inside truth be told there.

We went as a result of the techno room and spent the rest of the handful of several hours obtaining flushed with these men and women. We kept at 5 a.m., pleased to own found this certainly distinctive venue, plus happier for uncovered Bogotá’s secret lesbian bar.

Theatron Calle 58 #10-32, Bogotá, follow

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